Saturday, 8 January 2011

Certifications - a myth?

I did my Java programming and web compoment development certifications. They surely helped me to strengthen my skills on web development. I learned so much from them. Unfortunately, over a period of time I forgot everything. I realized this when I attended few technical telephone interviews, I couldn't answer the questions. After I failed in the interview, I went back and revised the topics I studied for certifications. Oh shit! I read all this stuff before and mastered! So, what's the point of spending $$ to do certifications if I am not FULLY implementing those skills I acquired for certification.

Moreover, I realized that certification is something which acts as a supporting factor to your education and experience. Especially, here in Singapore, nobody will give you a job because you are certified in MQ-Series, the criteria for job is whether you have worked in MQ-Series. Certification is just optional. So, unless you are experienced in a particular technology, your certification is not going to help.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Iterative Development vs. SDLC

It's my favourite topic. My current project badly requires Agile and Iterative development approach, however I failed to convince my orthodox project leader about this. We are struggling with often changing requirements, gaps, miscommunication and working with people who lacks interest in work and bad attitude. Leaving behind political, personnel issues, Iterative development is good because it gives transparency to the customer. Customer can see working software rather than plain documents on how software works. Nobody is going to appreciate for documents. What customer wants is real software. I hate to bog down in details of requirements and analysis stuff.

Nothing in the world is constant except change. Even we freeze the requirements, they are infact not freezed. Just after signing requirements documents, I got a call from one of the stakeholderwho participated in the project kick-off meeting. She wanted to change things here and there. This is the beginning of the changes. I know stakeholders who changed requirements even before the day of software release.The bad thing about SDLC is we try to define everything at once and we insist on sticking to the plan. I strongly believe in Murphy's law and don't expect things to go smooth. On the other side, if we follow more Agile, Iterative development approach, myself and my team have flexibility to embrace change, and time to respond to customer's needs. Ultimately, our job is to deliver what customer want. For customer, time, money and working code are the successful factors.

New Year - 2011

I used to blog before, I had created few blogs and later I deleted them in frustration. However, I made a new year resolution to start blogging again. This is due to the flow of thoughts in my mind. Now a days, I have too many thoughts going on in my brain wasting many many brain CPU cycles. Now, I have a way to share my flow of thoughts by serializing my thoughts to blog. I came to know that, the longer the blog exists in time, the more chances of getting listed in Google search results. Not sure of this, but decided to give a try. Blogging is good to share experiences, ideas and to spend time whenever possible.