Saturday, 8 January 2011

Certifications - a myth?

I did my Java programming and web compoment development certifications. They surely helped me to strengthen my skills on web development. I learned so much from them. Unfortunately, over a period of time I forgot everything. I realized this when I attended few technical telephone interviews, I couldn't answer the questions. After I failed in the interview, I went back and revised the topics I studied for certifications. Oh shit! I read all this stuff before and mastered! So, what's the point of spending $$ to do certifications if I am not FULLY implementing those skills I acquired for certification.

Moreover, I realized that certification is something which acts as a supporting factor to your education and experience. Especially, here in Singapore, nobody will give you a job because you are certified in MQ-Series, the criteria for job is whether you have worked in MQ-Series. Certification is just optional. So, unless you are experienced in a particular technology, your certification is not going to help.

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