Tuesday, 15 February 2011

My job hunting addiction in Singapore

I decided to change my job when one consultant called me in the middle of September 2010 and tempted me about a Vignette opening in one of the reputed investment bank here in Singapore. In fact, until that day, I had no intension of changing job. I thought of giving a try. I updated my profile and sent to the consultant. To my surprise, eventhough I posses what they're looking for, I haven't got interview call!! Since then, my mind keep thinking of job change and applying jobs became my addiction. After attending few interviews and being rejected several times, I understand that there are many factors in Singapore job market which influence the recruitment strategy. Please note that these are my personnel observations and I may be wrong! Just observations ...

1. Main important factor is salary. Every position in Singapore has fixed budget. Let's say, Java developer. The budget for this position would be somewhere between 4000 SGD to 4500 SGD maximum for a 5 years experienced professional. Eventhough the candidate is from IIT or MIT doesn't matter. Budget is fixed. Companies will not offer a dollar extra because they have a burden of EMPLOYER CPF CONTRIBUTION and AWS on top of the salary. I didn't get jobs because my current salary is far above market standard.

2. Language barrier - Companies need people who can speak mandarin to communicate with their China offshore teams. Moreover, they prefer people from their own race to socialize with them. Since I am an Indian guy, not much response from non-Indian IT companies.

3. Political barrier - Yes. From company's perspective, why they need to hire me? I am an expat who is on Permanent Residence. They would prefer to hire local people with less experience and provide training! By doing this, they are impressing government and contributing to their country's economy.

4. Competition - Not only from fellow Indian guys, also I need to compete with people from China, Phillipines etc etc.
Also, when Indian guys takes interview, they ask questions on API and fact memorisations.

5. I am not a scholar acadamically though I had couple of Java certificatins. Singapore job market doesn't need any certifications. SOmetimes companies think I am over qualified due to these certifications.

After spending many sleepless nights thinking about all these things, I just removed my resume from job sites and decided to continue in my current job for few months. But surely I will give a try later ...