Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Making new employees productive

I joined typical 'desi' IT company in Singapore couple of weeks before. After working in so called 'Singaporean' companies for almost four years, I was really excited to work in new environment. I revised my old books and refreshed my memory and prepared for the first day of work. My expectation was, I will be given bunch of documents / digarams to go through for a week and start working immediately. So that, I can prove what I am quickly. Once I joined here, I lost all of my enthusiasm. After one week of sitting without computer (belive me, sys.admin here is a part-time employee), I was given brand new computer boxes the next week. That means, I will have to setup everything on my own. Ok! No problem! I setup my own pc and sat in a place that looks like a kitchen table. Then, somebody gave me four documents to go through and asked me to create few HTML/JSPs. The guy gave me documents disappeared to client place. The guy asked me to create HTML/JSPs left for marriage for three weeks. The people who recruited me were no longer seen there. All on vacation I guess! Great! Two more weeks passed and this is my third week. Loosing interest day by day in my new job! What a pity!

Ok! If I recruit somebody, or if I am a manager, I follow the following tips to make new recruits productive.

1. I arrange them training, so that they can clarify their thousands of doubts without clarifying them the hard way.
2. I will make sure somebody is available to them so that they can clarify their 'on the job' doubts, atleast for a month.
3. I belive in jump starts. So, best way to get productive is to get into job, start with small tasks and grow to bigger ones.
4. A friendly envionment is mandatory. All these guys behaving like enemies to each other. Typical Indian mentality!
5. Briefing about overall architecture of the project, this gives senior developers like me to adopt to the system quickly and to start contribution.

Can't think of more, I realized the heck today. What to do! Just have to stick to it until a year atleast. My job search again depends on this company's annual bonus which is going to be paid to me!


  1. Hey..i like the way u put things across..I am an aspirant for becoming a working professional at SG and from the content of ur blog...[even though, super informative] ...i think i shud rethink my strategy..
    hmmmm...anyways its been a good read though...thanks! n All de best with ur job hunt addiction!
    PS- i just joined the club too!

  2. hi, i am currently willing to relocate to Singapore from india. How easy it is to get a job there for 9 years experienced QA professional. i read some articles recently .that getting job in singapore for foreigners has become very tough ... pls advice

    1. Hi Sowmy,

      The situation is quite bad, in fact I lost my job and I am planning to move to India. Best advice I can give is, get some specialised skill set and try for european countries like Ireland. Moreover during my 6 year time in Singapore I have never seen job posting for QA. As I said, there must be something that keeps you highlighted among crowd. Good luck.

  3. How to try for job in Ireland?