Wednesday, 16 November 2011

My passion for web services

I always wanted to work in web services, back in 2006 when I was working in Hewlett Packard, I overheard my seniorsaying 'exposing any method as web service' I got interest in it. After some initial reading and understanding I realized that any java method or functionality can be exposed as web service, so that client programs from remotelocations can consume them. I also learned that web services are B2B (Business to Business) communication where applications talk to each other by exchanging XML documents.

I am really excited the way web services achieve interoperability among applications developed using heterogenious frameworks. A .Net application can consume web services exposed bya java and vice versa. The central idea is the usage of XML which is platform and technology neutral. Later, I came to knowabout REST web services. I don't have detailed knowledge of REST web services, though I know the core idea.

Now, after 5 years of knowing web services, I really didn't get a chance to work in real life project using web services.All I did were hello axis, hello jax-ws, hello-metro web services which are very basic. I am seriously considering writingOracle java web services certification and then later IBM SOA certifications. I will be posting more web services materialfrom now on, especially the information on critical errors I got during development and deployment of web services and how I fixed them.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

How to learn?

Today I became interested in learning application server administrative concepts. Since I am a Java Developer, I am familiar with Weblogic and JBoss servers and how to start/stop, deployapplications etc. To learn more administration stuff, I went through Oracle weblogic documentationand I totally lost!!! There is simply too much information, links, sub-links, sub-sub-links atmultiple levels. I got confused and sleepy. Just then I realized that, I cannot learn this byrote or by memorization. This is to be learned by really administering it. My current job rolemay not give me full control to administrate an application server, I decided not to bother mybrain anymore and learn must be need basis.
In my case, always its proven that learning is need basis. For example, I need to learn how tosetup a Datasource, then quickly I will spend couple of hours reading datasource configurationand prepare steps to be followed. I will execute those steps in the test environment, make changesto steps as and when needed. Finally, after thorough review by peers, the steps will be executedin production environment. So, I learned datasource configuration this way. In the same way, Ilearned jQuery as my previous job needed it.
So the rule is to learn as demand arises.