Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year - 2012

One year gone in life! Exactly after one year on the same day (5th Jan, 2011) I started blogging and I kept my blog for an year :) The year 2011 showed the fear of loosing job. Though I didn't loose my job, I was almost on the edge of it. People saying the world is going to end in 2012, despite of the trouble times 2011 gave, I should say I started this year with confidence, motivation to achieve something. I decided to complete IBM 833 and 834 as a first step to my Solution Architect dream. I am doing good spiritually and prayed to God to give better 2012. Also thinking of H1B this year or next year, but will have to see how it goes. I also want to brush up my Spring, Hibernate stuff and SQL for any potential job openings along with my designing skills.

Briefely, things I've done in 2011 in random order:

1. Changed 2 jobs, currently in 2nd job. This 2nd job also quite boring. Just a system which takes big xmls and parses and dump data in db. Thats it. No exciting stuff.

2. Visited universal studios in Singapore. Nice experience and good one. My kid enjoyed it! We loved the new transformers ride especially.

3. Worked on couple of Spring, Hibernate projects, got to know Spring and its power.

4. Quit smoking many times, still struggling with cravings for cigaratte.

5. Learned car driving and stopped in the middle due to $ problem!

6. Attended few birthday parties and gained few kilos of weight.

7. Joined gym and did some workout.

8. Received relatives at Singapore airport, escorted them to sight seeing places, took care of their kids. Did heavy weight lifting with their luggage (few hundred kilos).

9. Visited piligrams in India. Nice trip though some glitches.

10. Got angry on my kid and wife few times, trying to control anger when my kid does funny things.

11. Watched many many movies, and looking forward to watch more in 2012.

12. Played Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 fully, and playing them again!

13. Bought DSLR camera and iPad2. Thanks to iPad 2 my son got addicted to it :(

14. Just writing one more point, as I consider 13 as bad luck number.

Ah, movies, the best thing I enjoyed in 2011 are movies. I watched each and every movie released in Singapore during last year. Also copied around 800 movies from colleague into my 1TB HDD and watched. The tears of the sun became one of the best movies. After watching that movie I regretted for not becoming commando.

I also enjoy war games and became fan of Modern Warfare series. I always likes stealth missions and sniper guns. I want to explore some other games like Portal, Mirror's Edge etc.

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