Wednesday, 1 February 2012

IBM 833 Cleared - Object Oriented Analysis

I wanted to complete IBM Certified Solution Designer (OOAD/UML) certification ever since I came to know about it. The certification contents are very useful and can be applicable to any programming language. The main focus is on Analysis and Design in RUP way. I always believe that solving a problem is a two step process. First we need to fully understand the problem beyond doubt. Second we need to design a solution which shall attack the root of the problem and implement/fix it for good. This certification achieves that or at least gives guidance on that.

I did coding for almost 8 years in Java, and I thought it's the time to move to upper step by focusing on designing. How to shine in software design? By learning to design. As I am lazy and do not want to get my hands dirty without any aim or goal, I am doing this certification to improve my design skills. I also learned very good points on Architecture and it's implications, impact on design etc. There is simply too much valuable stuff which I do not know!

So, I cleared IBM 833 (part 1 analysis) with 86%. I am preparing for IBM 834 (part 2 design). The certification objectives also focuses on RUP and Iterative development which is useful for developers who are potential Project Leaders.

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