Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Completed IBM Certified Solution Designer - OOAD

I completed two certifications from IBM which covers Object Oriented Analysis and Design. To achieve IBM Certified Solution Designer there are two certifications to be passed.

1. IBM 000-833 - Analysis (passed with 86%)
2. IBM 000-834 - Design (passed with 83%)

Analysis certification is about how to analyse requirements, modelling and basically focuses on understanding the problem domain. I learned very good concepts on analysing problems and modelling. Design certification focuses on deriving a solution from the analyzed behiviour.

These certifications also gives touch on RUP and Iterative Development which I believe every Software Project Lead should have knowledge about to successfully run projects. The material in these certifications does not focus on a specific technology or implementation and mainly focuses on analysis and design techniques.

The best framework for implementing applications, more specifically web applications using the techniques covered in the above certifications is Spring.

I am happy that now I am IBM Certified Solution Designer for OOAD. Next target my dream subject Web Services and SOA.


  1. Hi Surya,

    Can you please give me the list of books which we should read for these two exams.


    1. Hi Raghavendra,

      I used Analysis & Design descipline from Rational Method Composer help. Please download the trial version and use the help to prepare.

      Also Craig Larman's book Applying UML and Patterns useful too.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Sai Surya

    2. Hi Surya,

      I installed Rational Method composer. And I could not find the analysis & design discipline in it. Can you please tell me where i will get that.

      The topics in help are :

      1. Overview
      2. Designing and managing process
      3. Collaborating
      4. Tours
      5. Tutorials
      6. Troubleshooting and support
      7. Installing and upgrading
      8. Reference
      9. Glossary
      10. Eclipse documentation
      11. Rational Asset Manager error messages
      12. Using the help


  2. Hi

    Click help, Rmc process browser. In the process browser click on tab team, Disciplines, analysis and design. Hope this helps.

  3. Hi Surya,

    Thanks now i can see it.