Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Successfully 'failed' in 3rd banking job interview

I screwed one more time. I am trying to get into banking job (as a Java Developer) since 5 years in Singapore. Every time something goes wrong. This time I screwed up in core Java and database. I've been thinking and introspecting on why this is happening. What's so great about banking job? Looks like banks only recruit people from banks. One must have banking experience to get into banks. What is banking experience? Banking experience is working in the banks. That means, working in nerve breaking pressure, working 20 hrs a day. Fracturing brain by thinking on how to solve production system because people out there cannot transfer money or get money. To handle this kind of work any developer need to be rock solid in core Java and database concepts.

Ok here is my problem. I am working in Vignette CMS side, not really done any super coding or super database stuff. Since I'm working in a product, the product takes care most of the things. I only write extensions with little Java and basic JDBC stuff. Whenever the interviewer asks banking related tricky question (Indian interviewers ask tricky questions always and also they expect the answer from the book they read), I either don't know the answer or I give wrong answer. Here is an example.

Q. What is the datatype to represent currency?
A.  I answered double datatype in Java. It's WRONG! Why? After walking out of interview room with failed result, I googled and found that, correct answer is BigDecimal. Because using BigDecimal gives more control over rounding behavior. So unless I work in banking environment how the heck I know that!!

Another one ...

Q. I have a database table with three columns with a composite index of three columns. Now, I will execute a SELECT statement with only two columns. Does the index is useful in this case?
A. I answered no. The correct answer is YES.

In many cases, my resume won't even get shortlisted. Because I've never worked in MQ, Kerberos, Multithreading, Locking. I've never know what is risk management. I screw those one or two lucky interviews I attend from banks.

Today is the day, I gave up to banking job preparation. I'm tired of reading, studying and failing. I want to focus on my field Web Content Management. Good bye banking job. I don't care for you anymore!!