Sunday, 17 March 2013

Goodbye, Java!

The company I work for, gave up on Java (due to bad vendor implementation, licence cost, AppServer cost, DB cost) and going for Drupal powered by LAMP arena. We're all Java people forced to downgrade (or upgrade I don't know) to Drupal and PHP stuff. I'm bidding farewell to Java because the job market here is too bad for Java and I don't get any other Java job. So instead of freaking out, I want to stay cool and make a smooth transition to Drupal & PHP stuff. Also, I feel there is simply too much to learn in Java, there is no end for this coding madness. Every interview in Java is a battle for me, because each and everyone have their opinions on what is an Interface and Abstract class etc etc in Java. If I tell my own opinion I will be rejected. Tired and Bored.

Goodbye to Java ocean.


  1. Hi I am a PHP developer having 2.5 experience in PHP with framework Wordpress Joomla . Is any job Opportunity there, please guide me.

  2. I had (and having) very similar thought like yours about Java and java framework on the whole.

    I had worked with struts, liferay and tried to stay away from it.

    I moved to Ruby On rails.