Saturday, 13 February 2016

When recruiter says "We'll get back to you" ...

I'm back in the business of job hunting, luckily this time I'm not desperate to get a job. My current job is fine. It's like an itch to see where I stand in the current market and also to see what kind of interview questions I get for my level of experience (13+ years in Java space). I polished my resume, uploaded it in couple of high ranking job portals and after a week I started getting calls from job consultancies and head hunters. The usual flow is you get a call/email on whether you're interested in a particular position, if yes you send your resume. Their client will look at it, if your profile get shortlisted then you'll be called for first round of technical interview.

Game is on .... :) I attended 2 interviews and walked out of an interview in particular without attending in which the original time slot given to me was 11:00 AM and until 2:00 PM (for three hours) I ended up waiting in a room. I can't take more than that and walked out. But that's just one. Another one got indefinitely postponed etc. Out of 2 interviews I took I got programming questions (write a program to do something with some twist) and some logical questions related to some rooms, bulbs and switches etc. I felt I pretty much done well in the first round and thought I will take second round to give best shot. However, the HR gave the golden words "We will get back to you".

I still remember in my earlier career days, I really used to wait for them to get back to me. But now I know what :) this means. I got rejected in both interviews. That's fine, but my point is, why don't they just say "Sorry, you are rejected". I'm sure they have their own reasons like putting few profiles in buffer just in case blah blah. But giving solid answer is always better I feel, instead of making innocent and desperate needy candidates wait forever hoping that one day they'll get that golden offer. Now, if I get an offer I do not like, I'll not say "I don't want this offer". I rather say "Dear HR, I'll get back to you"  :)